University College Dublin

Advanced Econometrics (PhD, Autumn 2018)
Public Economics (B.Sc, Spring 2019)
Introduction to Econometrics (B.Sc, Spring 2018)
Economics Research Workshop (B.Sc, Spring 2018, 2019)

Central Bank of Ireland

Introduction to Causal inference (Short course, Autumn 2018)
Advanced Methods in Causal inference (Short course, Autumn 2018)

University of Luxembourg

The Economics of Migration (PhD, Summer 2017)

European Business School, Wiesbaden

Lecture: Introduction to econometrics (PhD, 2014-now)
1-day course: European Labor Markets (B.Sc, 2014-2017)

Trinity College Dublin

TutorialMicroeconomics (M.Sc, 2009-2012)

University of Regensburg

Lecture: The Economics of Migration (B.Sc, M.Sc; Summer 2018)
Tutorial Introduction to Microeconomics II (B.Sc, Spring 2008)
Tutorial Introduction to Macroeconomics I & II (B.Sc, 2006-2007)