Useful Software

Notepad++ - Text editor for LaTeX, HTML and MatLab

Dropbox - Automatic file sync and backup

JabRef - Excellent literature management software, compatible with LaTeX

Xmarks - Bookmark sync

Leechblock - Efficient site-blocker

DeTeXify - A very useful website for LaTeX users. You draw a symbol and it tells you the corresponding LaTeX code.

Favourite Places in Dublin

Irish Film Institute - Excellent arthouse cinema

Dublin Flea Market - Cool flea market, last Sunday of every month

Milk & Cookie Stories Storytelling collective


The Good Time Maritimes - Jazz-Funk-Fusion Band from Dublin. They sometimes hire me as a pianist.

The Minutes - Indie band from Dublin. Soon to be out in the world

Ultan Conlon - Songwriter from Galway

The Revellions - Mod incarnation from Dublin

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